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We manufacture high quality rollers for all leading sheetfed and web presses. In keeping with our value offering, our rollers are designed to last longer and deliver optimal print results.

Our offset rollers are available in three grades of rubber covers to suit every budget and service requirements.



ULTRA very high end technically superior product which is meant for top end prinnting machines and  zero  defect printing  requirements. The  rubber compounding involves the best of polymer chemistry coupled with high molecular weight polymeric  plasticizers  which  are none  extractible in  nature. Though  initially  expensive,  these rollers  save money overtime. The  primary  features / benefits  include;

  • Retain hardness for a long duration
  • Do not shrink in diameter
  • Retain surface properties for optimal ink traction.
  • Do not have to be replaced as often.
  • Far fewer resettings required
  • Lower downtime and operating cost
  • Peace of mind.


A workhorse with an optimal mix of technology and mechanics to offer  a mid  range product, suitable for most current  generation  manual and  cpc  controlled machines. Base polymer  being Nitrile PVC  offers excellent resistance to  abrasion  over and above the oil and solvent  resistance, nitrile  family  polymers are  known  for. Salient  features  of ‘XP’ grade of rubber covers include;

  • Third    generation   antioxidants and rubber preservatives incorporated for excellent anti ageing properties
  • Superior finish for finer impressions -especially for screen jobs
  • Dynamically  balanced  for  trouble  free  printing.
  • Excellent resillience and resistance  to abrasion for enhanced   dimensional accuracy at high operating speeds
  • Extended service life.



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A base product to meet the low cost printing requirements of traditional printing machines with low operating speeds. BUNA N based rubber covers offer excellent grip between rubber to metal and maintain good dimensional stability with all modern ink systems barring UV. Overall, an excellent value for money product.

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