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What is PRESO?

PRESO is ‘Press Ready Exchange Solutions’ protocol for rubber rollers.

What is the idea behind PRESO?

Most of the printers, who do not maintain an inventory of spare rollers face a difficult situation in the event of worn, out aged rollers. Since getting rollers rerubberised takes time, printers are forced to run their machine

  1. At slow speeds to undo the effects caused by worn out faulty rollers,
  2. Compromise on print quality,
  3. Bear production losses
  4. Generate higher paper waste
  5. Suffer overall loss in revenues.....

PRESO is our answer at providing consistently good quality rubber rollers with factory fitted ball bearings and functionally packed for extended storage. These rollers shall be made available through a Printing Supplies Dealers operational in your area.

The typical features of PRESO protocol include;

  • Available over the counter on demand – terrific savings on time and effort.
  • Consistent in quality as these rollers are made per routine manufacturing programme, any compromise at any stage is totally negated. What you’ll get is a thoroughly checked roller which has passed all aspects of quality control. This would not have always been possible in rollers made in haste.
  • Factory fitted ball bearings ensure proper setting and eliminates any possibility of misalignment.
  • Functionally packed in thick paper cores. These cores are strong enough to withstand any impact of fall or mishandling. Further, the rollers are shipped in hanging position where the bearings rest in the cavity provided in the end bush of the packaging at each side. This is further shrink wrapped to eliminate any possibility of moisture, sun light heat or ozone having a degenerative effect on roller surface. Even on extended storage, the rubber physicals thus remain unaffected.


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