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Rilsan coated printing rollers are increasingly replacing rollers covered in copper or rubber derivatives. The mechanical and chemical resistance properties of Rilsan are far superior to any traditional medium and it increases the service life of rollers even in most demanding conditions - like increased surface temperature, higher friction co efficient, swelling tendencies of mineral / vegetable oil based inks which become far significant in high speed machines. Further more, Rilsan coated rollers resist heavy abrasion and attack from solvent based inks and cleaners.

Salient features of Rilsan coated rollers include ;

  • Excellent ink receptiveness - due to polyamide composition, Rilsan Rollers are characterized by a distinctly favorable behavior towards all sorts of printing inks.
  • Outstanding resistance against contact media - no change in the roller surface qualities.
  • High ageing stability – Rilsan rollers offer exceptionally long service life due to their excellent resistance against abrasion and high ageing stability owing to its inert nature to most of chemicals and solvents.
  • Add functionality by creating profiles on the surface - The favorable characteristic of Rilsan rollers can be enhanced by creating special profiles like diamond, lines, or grooves.


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