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ER-3070 – An economic grade of rubber cover suitable for general purpose application with line speed ranges of 100-150 meter per minute (mpm).

XP-6040 – is a high end rubber cover incorporating a blend of synthetic rubber polymers for high end printing requirements. Typically designed to last longer the chemistry futures:

  1. Low heat buildup
  2. Dimensional stability
  3. Uniform pressure across the nip
  4. Anti static properties
  5. Practically inert to chemical/solvent reaction
  6. Dynamically balanced     

NP-7030 ­– A special purpose rubber cover suitable for idler roller/nipping applications of all paper & plastic base printing requirements. The rubber chemistry futures long service life, inert to impressions because of change in substrate width – trouble printing/laminate.

HP -100 – A chloro Sulfonated Monoethylene based rubber cover most suitable for solvent less lamination applications. Practically inert to polyurethane base adhesives, – provides uniform transfer of adhesives even at high line speeds and is entirely weather resistant.

HP-905 – The base polymer being the same as HP-100, this rubber cover has been designed with additional physical reinforcement so that the chemical adhesive that may bleed on to the roller from substrate edges does not damage it in the first place. Secondly the change in substrate width will not lead to poor lamination / air pockets – which is otherwise a common problem due to impression marks being formed on the roller surface at the edges of substrate.

ER-404 – A general purpose flexo rubber cover suitable for most of water base inks.

XP-604 – A high end rubber cover suitable for solvent / oil based inks and is a must to spot free high end requirements.

SIL-GEN – Polyester films and other flexible substrates have to be treated with high voltage corona discharge to accept printing inks and lamination to certain substrates. This is accomplished by passing the film over a corona treater roller where the roll cover is so designed to have excellent dielectric strength, ozone resistance, heat and abrasion resistance.

SIL-CON – is a specialty designed silicone elastomer to withstand high operating temperatures and insulate the highest voltages encountered on these applications. This rubber cover is more thermally conductive and provides improved release of films thus reducing the frequencies of wrap-ups.   


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